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Enterprise IoT Native to The Cloud

Autodesk®SeeControl® is an enterprise IoT cloud service that helps manufacturers to connect, analyze, and manage their products. It virtualizes machines, links them with reporting devices, and through analytics unlocks the data trapped inside—utilizing the unlimited computing power of a cloud native architecture. With smart, connected machines, manufacturers can offer higher service levels, reduce asset downtime, and lower maintenance and material costs.

The SeeControl service provides everything businesses need to achieve these benefits, and do so in a matter of days. Befitting the Internet of Things, SeeControl is native to The Cloud. It offers a no coding, drag-and-drop approach to IoT that enables users to innovate fast and without teams of programmers.

How it Works

The Benefits

Higher levels of service

bring your customers a level of support only you can provide based on analytics and insight. Automatically order parts, maintain inventory levels, and reduce costs.

Predictive Maintenance

Keep your products running at peak levels, identify failure before it happens and schedule maintenance downtime when it’s least disruptive.

Monitor product performance

See how your product performs in the real world and use live data to make product improvements and optimize future generations.

New revenue streams

Provide your customers with real time analytics of their products and participate in the product lifecycle as a trusted advisor and partner. Start a journey to product-as-a-service.


New to the Internet of Things?

Get Smarter.
Get Connected. Get Ahead.

The Internet of Things isn’t just for consumer devices any more. Forward-thinking manufacturers are standing out from their competitors by building smart, connected machines. Businesses can gain a competitive advantage by optimizing their existing products and capturing the necessary intelligence to offer their customers new services.

Why SeeControl?

Some of Our Customers

ABB Case Study
Solar-City Case Study
CTM Case Study
Case Study Trident
Case Study Premier Deicers
Case Study NPC


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Industrial IoT with Autodesk SeeControl Webinar

At Autodesk University 2015, we launched our first Internet of Things (IoT) solution at Autodesk. Join us for a demo of Autodesk SeeControl and learn how we’re helping industrial manufacturers connect, analyze, and manage their products.

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Designing the Internet of Things

With sensors embedded all around us, data and design will need to converge to realize the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT). During a keynote from the 2016 Design Conference in San Francisco, Autodesk CEO Carl Bass examines the tools, techniques, and trends that will affect how things are made.

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Welcome to the Connected Ecosystem

SeeControl is at the heart of an extensive IoT ecosystem, where you’ll be able to connect with partners for the services and solutions you and your customers need to thrive in the Internet of Things.


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    Autodesk & Wind River are Defining the Future of Industrial IoT cover sm

    Autodesk & Wind River are Defining the Future of Industrial IoT

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    10 Things You Should Know about IoT and the Industrial Internet

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